ZM_PhysicalTherapy_coverfr The second novel in the St. Nacho’s setting, Physical Therapy, is going to print and will soon be available at fine bookstores everywhere.

Okay. You’ll have to ask for it by name — and probably special order it — but I really enjoyed writing that. Of course, as soon as it’s available you’ll be able to buy it at Amazon and other Mega Internet Entity Retailers.

I want to thank everyone who has been so positive about this book. The St. Nacho’s series, dumb name and all… (Hello, it’s not about cheese chips, ;-)) is very close to my heart, and represents a little slice of all the things that are important to me, people I’ve met, people I’d like to meet, and a place I’d really like to call home.

Here’s the trailer, because as you know, I never miss a chance to pimp… er… show off my girl child’s wicked video fu.



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    I absolutely love this series… I bought st. nachos at a book store in Oklahoma City and I couldn’t put it down… It was sooo good.. I couldn’t find this one in print so I downloaded a reader on my pc and bought it as a digital book… and again couldn’t stop reading… This is such a big deal for me because I am one of those readers that if it doesn’t move me in the first few chapters its just going back on my shelf to collect dust… I pray and hope there are more of this series to come out until then I will be getting your other titles.

    Thank you so much


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      Oh, my! In a bookstore??? How positively exciting! Thank you so much for your kind words. Just today, I am finishing the last chapter of Nacho’s 3, called Jacob’s Ladder, and I hope that one works for you as well! Look for it from Loose Id in June (we think) in ebook, and later, hopefully, also in print. The ebooks always come out first and then print books if they’re successful.

      I’m thrilled and grateful that you dropped me a line,