Dreams Do Come True!

When I met Jim Bowie I discovered he has the best voice ever. I remember thinking at the time that I had a kind of a jones for accents like his, which is sort of Scotland and Actor and *sighs*… I’d pay him to read the phone book. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband’s midwestern accent, he’s all about cheeseheads and Wis-cahn-sin and beer and braaaahts, and I like the sound of it, it’s homey. Seriously, only one guy is allowed to whisper in my ear at night, but I can fantasize right?

So here’s the deal. Jim Bowie is the voice that narrates the BRAND NEW audiobook version of Notturno! If you liked Notturno, and you like audiobooks… Well. PERFECT! You can let Jim Bowie whisper in your ear too!

Here’s the video because I like it:


And here’s the link to get your own AUDIOBOOK copy of Notturno!



  1. Kendall says

    Cool! There’s no sample on MLR’s web site; can you persuade them to put one up? (Sorry, but I can’t buy it without hearing a sample.)

    I hope MLR puts up a page for their audiobooks; I’m happy to hear (!) they’re getting into audiobooks! I didn’t know they had any, and the only one mentioned on their Books page is a special callout at the top for Mexican Heat, as their first one…but no mention of Notturno or any others. ;-(