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Guest: PD Singer – Who’s Shifting Now?

When I started writing the otter shifter story that became Tail Slide, and that later spawned Otter Chaos, I had no idea that “otter” had a particular meaning in gay lingo. I just knew that I wanted an animal built for fun. Everything about an otter, from his humpy running gate to his snootful of […]


Sundays are for reflection.

I had an awesome time at OCCRWA yesterday with my brothers and sisters in Romance. It’s always so great to hang around with people who are in the trenches, writing books, pitching to agents, querying editors, and doing the dance of publishing. Writing can be an awfully solitary pursuit, though in point of fact, I always hoped […]


Breaking a mental log jam…

Sometimes I play a game with myself. I think about all the problems I’m having in a novel before I go to sleep. Maybe they’re logistical problems, such as how do I get character A from one city to the next within a certain time frame, and sometimes they’re existential problems, such as what does character […]

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What does it say about me?

Eternal Optimist? Or idiot. I know that nothing will replace the dog I lost. I know this. (She was only sleeping in that picture. Not…you know.) It’s not like I think that if I get another dog he or she will fill the hole Pepper left behind. Yet our house is dog friendly. We have space inside […]