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What does it say about me?

Eternal Optimist? Or idiot. I know that nothing will replace the dog I lost. I know this. (She was only sleeping in that picture. Not…you know.) It’s not like I think that if I get another dog he or she will fill the hole Pepper left behind. Yet our house is dog friendly. We have space inside […]


The Writer’s Police Academy

It WAS Awesome! I got to play with handcuffs and a thermal imaging device. I got to see a K-9 officer (Franz) and his handler in action. I watched a bank robbery and car chase, a couple of rescues, and some really interesting speakers talk about things that ordinarily don’t come up in polite conversation […]


More audiobooks to love

I’m back! I just got back from the Writer’s Police Academy, an exhausting three-day-weekend of smoke and handcuffs and excitement. I had to sleep all day yesterday and I still don’t feel recovered. There were classes and hands-on demonstrations and question-and-answer periods. I got to meet a number of public safety professionals from different agencies. I’ll write more about […]

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I haz sadness.

We’re spreading straw on the street outside Chez Maxfield because our beloved Pepper, the Lab who has been a part of our lives for nearly fourteen years, is not doing well. (Euphemisms aren’t my strong suit.) This is the first time I’ve ever experienced this outside of fiction, and I’m feeling a little blue about it. […]