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Thanks to EVERYONE who wished me happy birthday yesterday! That was so kind. I had a lovely day, reading and relaxing. I spent a least a THIRDS of my day reading an ARC from my favorite series. SO GOOD! (See what I did there?) Yesterday I turned 56. While I slept, the count was finalized. Brexit is […]

Drawn Together

Drawn Together is back!

One of the stories that started it all, Drawn Together is back in ebook format. I loved the old cover so much I asked P.L. Nunn, the artist who did the original cover, to do a slightly modified version of the same cover for the re-release. It’s similar but not the same and I love the colors so […]


I’m With Her

This probably goes without saying, but the thing I’ve noticed is the dismissive way people have referred to Trump protestors. Right leaning media continually characterizes Trump protestors as “Angry immigrants.” or “Student protestors.” This diminishes the impact Trump protestors have. It makes them seem like they’re on the fringe. It makes them seem unstable. Or […]

Z.A. Maxfield

Deep Breath, and hold to the count of one thousand .

OMG. I am now officially UP FOR AIR. This is me, powerposing back in February, during a Sisters in Crime event. I don’t know what it is about powerposing that makes it work. I don’t even know if it does. Placebo effect? Who cares? <———I saw a Ted Talk, so I did this thing to prepare for a […]