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For the Stuffing Ball recipe –

You can go to Love Bytes Reviews and read my guest post, where I impart the magical, mystical secret to my oh, so delicious but decidedly pedestrian Stuffing Balls. It’s stuffing. Shaped like BALLS. Because everything is funny when mentally, you’re still a twelve-year-old. Get the recipe, and more information about my holiday than you’d care […]


Mourning Moon – some thoughts on Thanksgiving

I guess a Mourning Moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice. We’ve had some awesome moons lately, moons with rockstar names like the “Blood Moon,” in September, and “The Supermoon,” in October. The Mourning Moon on the eve of Thanksgiving ushers in a time of cleansing and making ready for winter. In some traditions, […]

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Just when I swear I don’t…

Just when I’d swear on that big stack of religious tracts people leave stuck in my door that I don’t read reviews, I go and do it. We’re not supposed to have favorites among our kids or our books, but I have an almost favorite. I have written a few romance novels and I love […]


Useful information…

You know what? I’ve been using Scrivener for a really long time. I’m an early adopter of cool technology, and I’m an optimist that I’ll be able to figure stuff out, so I’ll get interested in something like Scrivener and hop on it right away. Anything that will help me write, right? So I’ve had […]