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Deep Breath, and hold to the count of one thousand .

OMG. I am now officially UP FOR AIR. This is me, powerposing back in February, during a Sisters in Crime event. I don’t know what it is about powerposing that makes it work. I don’t even know if it does. Placebo effect? Who cares? <———I saw a Ted Talk, so I did this thing to prepare for a […]


New. Unfettered. Unabridged.

 I have been sitting on this news since RT. Waiting to announce it. Sparky and Officer Helmet The Audiobook. The narrator, Tobias Silversmith, also narrated Vanessa North’s Blueberry Boys, and Anne Tenino’s Too Stupid To Live. They’ll be recording Hell On Wheels for me in the future. For years, I’ve dreaded putting this book in Audio. I […]


RT 2016 – Coming up for air

It’s been a week since we said good-bye, RT, and I miss you more than I can say! The Rio? Not so much… This year I took my daughter Zoe with me, and we roomed together. To say my daughter is adorable and amazing and fun to be around is a major understatement. But I’m such […]



Don’t forget! I’ll be at RT in Las Vegas, April 12-18 or so. Be sure and check out the giant book fair on April 17th! I’ll be signing. Check here for the booklet that shows where people will be located!